We hand make leather bags in Italy. We use classic silhouettes, traditional artisanal techniques and the finest Italian leather.



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Great service, beautiful products, I loved the first two so much I’ve just ordered a third…
LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have three of these bags now and it's like choosing a favourite child to determine which I like the most! I got different styles and sizes so I can easily change my look. They are beautifully made and styled and I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates a fine handbag.
I adore my new Vestirsi handbag! I was beyond impressed with how amazing the quality of the leather is and the overall make of the bag in general, as I opened the box to reveal and then had to remind myself how affordable it was. It has that beautiful rich leather smell which reassures you that it's genuine and fine quality. Thank you so so much, I will buying from VESTIRSI again in the future and recommending the brand to family and friends.
Extremely well made bag, Italian leather is gorgeous. A gorgeous everyday bag. Spacious for work, fits in everything I need. Impressive fast delivery. Would definitely will buy more! Highly recommend!
I came across this site courtesy of a friend and loved every style! Beautifully packaged and presented, gorgeous leather and hardware and amazing price point, no wonder they are selling out.


The marketing photos don't do justice to the quality of the products. My daughter and five sisters want MY bags. (I said go buy your own). Highest accolades to the designer. Thank you.
My new every day, anywhere, any time bag. Ticks all the boxes of size and functionality whilst still making a luxury statement. Luxurious and elegant. My newest obsession.
What can I say.... WOW. When you open up the package from a big black box, you think to yourself “did I only pay that much for it?!” Then it comes out of the dust bag and you are in awe of how beautiful this bag is; from the leather to the craftsmanship and design. Not only was the bag just perfect, but the service was second to none.
The craftsmenship is fabulous, the size is wonderful and the leather is amazing. Well done on such a fabulous range of bags. Thanks again and I will tell all my friends!!
Worth at least double the price! And by at least, I mean at least. High quality craftsmanship, fashion-forward design, even the packaging is top notch. I could not stop grinning when I was unboxing!


Luxury leather handbags, handmade in Italy from fine Italian leather (minus the luxury leather markup). 


Each bag is handcrafted in Italy using the finest Italian leather.


Luxury Leather, minus the luxury leather markup traditionally charged by designer luxury leather brands.


10% of net profit is donated to women's mental health charities. Why? Because it's cool to be kind, and because when women support women, amazing things can happen.


Frustrated by her inability to find a well priced, chic, minimal and elegant black leather bag, Monica travelled to her grandparent's native Italy on a mission to make her own



Possibly the best bag I have ever bought myself. The leather, the quality, the size, the design, the price, the customer service, the lady behind the name. LOVE IT ALL!!!
Absolutely Amazed! Been looking for a great everyday bag that can fit all the essentials I`ll need and is the perfect size. Such great quality and craftsmanship. Love and Thanks to Monica & Team Vestirsi!
Love everything about it! Bought this for Mother's Day and I wish I bought it for myself. I opened the box to take a peep at it and fell in love with leather, look and feel of such a compact bag but wow you can fit so much in there. This is a must have - don't even hesitate just buy it, you won't be disappointed.
In love! This bag is gorgeous. I was blown away by the quality of the leather, the craftsmanship and the minimal, chic design. I will definitely be purchasing another bag from VESTIRSI in the future. I’d like to add that the team are very responsive to queries and great to deal with.
Seriously, how do you do it?! PERFECTION! It is almost unbelievable - the second I opened the beautiful packaging I could sense the quality. I'm dressing her up and I'm dressing her down and she always feels like the perfect fit. I'll be buying these as gifts whenever I can. Thank you!